About Messis

Messis helps you find and promote interesting events in your city. Whether you are looking for the nearest networking meetups, student parties, concerts, or are an organizer seeking to promote your event to the right audience, Messis provides an easy-to-use platform that puts all your events in one place.


  • Make events successful by connecting the right people with the right events.
  • Make finding events so convenient that people will go to events three times as often as they do now.
  • Make promoting events easier so you can focus on organizing your event. We seek to make your events visible in all possible channels with just a single click, whether it’s public info screens, social media, or your own website.

Open data

We use open data not only to make it easier to connect event-seekers and event-promoters, but also to create open data for anyone to consume by providing a rich events API. Whether you are a researcher, social scientist or just someone interested in learning more about your city, you can use Messis event data for free.

We import content from numerous open sources, including:

Most of the data is used as is, but modifications that are allowed by the license may be made in order to guarantee the best possible user experience. For example we may modify the categorization of an event to better fit our service.

Messis embed users

An automatically updating Messis event list is an embedded part of these websites, among others:

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